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International Shipping

We currently ship internationally and charge flat rates based on the country. The flat rate will cover shipping and a portion of what we pay in customs. 

Should you be considering a refund and you purchased from outside the US, we suggest you view our Refund Policy. For international CTB Members, this may encourage you to postpone the shipment of your tool until you've decided if the training is the right fit for you. Please note, we will not ship many of our smaller items outside the US due to the extreme shipping and cutsoms pricing, so don't be surprised if there are no shipping rates provided once you've entered your address. 

If you are purchasing an item that includes the Muscle Liberator,™ please note that you will likely need a converter, as these tend not to be compatible with international outlets and voltage. You will need something that can convert your local voltage to the 110V compatible with US outlets. These can be purchased cheaply online. When you purchase, your charger options will be shared with you in your Welcome Emails, so look out for those and be sure to respond so we can find the best solution for you.