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Trouble logging in

I don't have a password, but the system says I already have an account

Often, folks come to one of our free webinars and automatically gain an account password, but never see the account confirmation email. If this is the case, please follow these steps:

  1.  Check your junk, spam or promotions folders to ensure you did not receive an account confirmation with your new password.
  2. See if you can select Reset Password to get an email sent to you with an email reset

Haven't received my password reset email

If this is the case and you've already checked you spam, junk or promotion folders, please contact us directly. Periodically emails will be prohibited from being sent from our system and we need to know about it in order to fix the issue. 

The password I was given doesn't work

First, make sure that if you were given a long and complex password that your copying (command/control-c) and pasting (command/control-v) it into the password section. If you are not successful with this, you can try selecting Reset Password to receive a pw reset email. 

If this continues to be an issue, please email admin@thaibodywork.com.