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Trigger Points vs. Adhesions and Scar Tissue

Many therapists identify any hard area of muscle tissue as "adhesions" or "scar tissue" and think of their work as mechanically breaking up adhesions. This brute force approach to overpowering bound up tissues is not useful and fails to take into account the phenomena of trigger points and taut fibers. While there are some cases of actual scar tissue from trauma or surgery, most hard fibers are from trigger points. Fascial scarring doesn't change in a matter of minutes, yet CTB therapists find that hard fibers become soft in a short time when the proper techniques are applied. 

When we use compression techniques or the Muscle Liberator™, our focus is on changing the conditions that cause taut fibers to remain in a contractile state, using feedback, movement, neurological hacks and distraction to help the CNS release its pattern of protective engagement. This process should not be thought of as overpowering and breaking up fascia. That kind of forceful, invasive approach is likely to further upregulate the CNS, and results will be nonexistent or short-lived.