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How Does Your System Compare To The Measurement Devices in Shoe Stores Etc.?

Devices that measure weight pressure points are based on a flawed concept. Many hyperpronators do not let themselves collapse into pronation - they brace their ankles and unconsciously move their weight to the outside edge of their feet. This will make them appear to supinate and be identified as a "supinator". Supination in the absence of extreme anatomical abnormality is a muscular compensation, not a natural anatomical condition. The subtalar joint is designed to facilitate pronation, not supination. 

Correcting a "supinator" and shifting them toward pronation is a major mistake. The muscles will compensate even more under those conditions. Supinators generally need proprioceptive feedback under the arch and first metatarsal to turn off the compensatory engagement of glutes, adductors etc. that causes chronic pain in those individuals. 

Our experience is that these systems generally result in too little or inappropriate midfoot and rear foot correction, and first metatarsal correction is completely absent.