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Getting CTB Certified

We have two tracks for pursuing certification. The first is more intensive and includes both online and in-person study, although the in-person study is much more extensive. This program starts you from the very beginning, with body mechanics and proper technique for working sustainably on the floor. You can see the number of classes and the preferred order here: 

CTB Practitioner Level Certification
CTB Advanced & Masters Level Certifications

For our CTB Practitioner Certification, we can spread payments out over as much as 36 months, as we realize it is a major financial commitment for many. 

The second track is our CTB Specialist Certification in individual body areas and is primarily online. Initially, you complete individual body area modules within our online CTB Membership and then complete in-person courses related to that body area in order to verify your skill. This certification requires less mentoring and practitioner feedback, but for that reason we encourage students who are new to the body to pursue the CTBP Certification.
The amount of in-person time required for Specialist Certification is much shorter than the CTBP Certification, and the financial commitment smaller as well, but they are very distinct programs.