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Clinic General Guidelines

If you are planning a trip to our Evanston clinic, please take a look at our general guidelines, so you know how to prepare. 

  • Late arrivals will end at the scheduled time. Due to the scheduling needs of our clinic, we cannot prolong a session beyond your scheduled appointment time.
  • Please have the below intake and photo release (if applicable) completed before your arrival (links below)
  • Wear clothing that allows for stretching and movement
  • Bring your most walked-in shoes to the session - even if you aren't wearing them
  • Do not wear perfume, cologne or heavily fragranced body lotion
  • Do not eat anything too heavy 1-2 hours prior.
  • Our therapists graciously accept cash gratuity at your discretion
  • Drink lots of water after your session

When you arrive

  • Your practitioner will be in the space to greet you and will take your temperature and ask you our screening questions. DO NOT ARRIVE MORE THAN 5 MINUTES EARLY.
  • Your session will be fully clothed, although upon entering the clinic space, we request that you remove your shoes.