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CEUs for Massage Therapists (LMTs)

Continuing Eduction Within the US

While all of our in-person courses provide continuing ed for LMTs, only a handful of our online courses are currently approved. All of our approved courses are approved by NCBTMB, as well as the state of Florida. 

The CTB Membership is our most hefty online course, if you're looking for CEUs. The entire first year of the membership provides over 60 LMT CEUs approved through NCBTMB. The first 20 week Shoulder Module itself is approved for 28 CEs. In order to receive these CEs, the student simply needs to complete the training and Part 1 & 2 of the CTB Shoulder Module Test. Once complete, they can submit a ticket to inform us of their interest in receiving the CEUs and provide their LMT #. 

Continuing Eduction Outside the US

If you are looking for continuing education outside of the US, you will need to provide us any material you may have with which we can apply for continuing education within your country. Many countries allow students to petition for a course to be accepted within their state, province or district. We can support your efforts to do so, as this will allow others to more easily do the same. 

If you are considering petitioning your country's massage organization for continuing education approval for any of our courses, please let us know so we can assist you. 

Types of Courses Approved for CEU

Our free webinars are NOT approved for CEU in the US or elsewhere, as they are regularly changing and do not include any form of verification test. 

The primary online course we provide for CEU is our CTB Membership. However, courses such as the PainHacker's Guides to Shoulder and Hip/Sciatica Pain, as well as our Treat Your Own Pain Series for Shoulder and Hip/Sciatica are in the midst of getting approval.